David Roach

The Art of Jose Gonzalez, Dynamite 2015

coming soon from Dynamite, entirely written and compiled by myself. 248pages of artwork by the greatest Vampirella artist, including strips, book covers, drawings, personal and unpublished artwork, much of it taken from originals. I’m hoping it will be regarded as the definitive work on Jose Gonzalez and I’m looking forward to finally holding it in my hands!

Vampirella The Dynamite Years, Dynamite 2014

A collection of the various Vampirella covers drawn for Dynamite over the years. In my capacity as resident Vampirella expert I wrote the foreword putting the art into some sort of historical context.

The Art of Vampirella The Warren years, Dynamite 2014

A comprehensive collection of every Vampi cover published by Warren written and compiled by me for Dynamite.  This was several years in the making due to my determination to find every original cover out there to ensure the very best reproduction possible. While I didn’t quite find everything( some covers have emerged since the book was published- typical!) nevertheless much of the art here is superior to the printed comics. Each cover is described in detail with as much information as I could find out about its creation so hopefully it’s more than just a collection of covers, though when we’re dealing with artwork from Enrich, Sanjulian , Frazetta and Gonzalez that’s pretty much all you’d need for a compelling collection.

Lifestyle Illustrations of the 50s, Goodman Fiell 2013

The companion volume to our previous 60s collection, this compiles the very best artwork from British womens magazines of the 50s. As before the artists were both British and American and the wonderful artwork here charts the evolution in style from the stylish realism of the early 50s to the more experimental compositions of the decades later years. Artists in this volume include Eric Earnshaw, Lynn Buckham, Jo DeMers, Harry Hants, Coby Whitmore, Jon Whitcomb and many, many more. Again, Rian Hughes selected the artwork, I wrote the text and we both identified the artists, for 500 pages of top quality artwork.

1001 Comics to Read Before you Die, Cassell/Octopus 2011

Editor Paul Gravett brought together 66 creators, fans and academics to compile this impressively comprehensive guide to comics from around the world and I was lucky enough to be one of them. It’s one of those projects that I felt really honoured to be involved with, and typical of anything Paul is involved with it was compiled with inteligence and taste. I was able to suggest a few titles that mean a lot to me, such as Luis Garcia Mozos’ Nova 2, as well as better known fare like the Incal. Doubtless most readers will decry the absence of a particular favourite but pretty much everything reviewed here is worthy of your time.  A triumph!

Lifestyle Illustrations of the 60s, Fiell 2010

Compiled by legendary designer Rian Hughes this is a collection of artwork created for British and American Womens magazines of the 60s, painted by some of the era’s most dazzling artists such as Bernie Fuchs, Coby Whitmore, Walter Wyles and Andy Virgil. 600 pages of it! Rian hit upon the idea while leafing through bound volumes of Womans Own, Woman, Homes and Garden, Womans Journal and so on in IPC.s subterranean archives, and he was just knocked out by the quality of artwork they featured. After scanning in the best images he brought me in to supply the historical text and help identify some of the artists. There are also a number of images from my collection of girls comics and magazines of the era, providing some of the grooviest artwork in the book. Clearly I’m somewhat biased but the artwork here is some of the very finest illustrations ever created and  it’s an essential addition to any art-lovers collection. Buy with confidence!

The Art Of War, Carlton Books 2008

The follow up to Aarrgghh It’s War, another 400 page collection of the best painted covers to War, Air Ace and Battle Picture Libraries but with the addition of covers from Thriller and Front Line as well. All images are chosen by me and I’ve also supplied all sorts of ( hopefully) illuminating and entertaining text features. As before artists represented here include Coton, Biffignandi, Penalva DeGaspari, Dell’Orco, Frey and Caroseli but there is also an emphasis on artists not as prominently featured in the previous volume such as Fernando Fernandez, Ian Kennedy, Allan Willow and Jordi Longaron.

Aarrgghh It’s War, Carlton Books 2007

A compilation of the very best covers for the legendary War comics published by Fleetway/IPC in the 50s, 60s and 70s, together with a text chronicling the story of their creation and the lives of their artists.  I’ve been a fan of these comics since I was a kid and their wonderful artwork has absolutely stood the test of time. This project grew out of a summer I spent cataloguing and sorting through IPCs vast original art warehouse which included well over 1500 covers painted for War, Battle, Air Ace and War At Sea Picture libraries. From that collection I selected the very best paintings by Jordi Penalva, Graham Coton, Pino Dell’Orco, Giorgio DeGaspari, Alessandro Biffignandi, Nino Caroselli, Oliver Frey and others which were then expertly scanned for the very best resolution. Their artwork genuinely has never looked better. The book is rounded out with a choice selection of the best covers where the originals had long since disappeared. One of the things that I found most pleasing was to finally give these previously anonymous talents the credit their terrific work so richly deserved and these days many more fans are aware of exactly who painted their favourite covers.

Fleetway Picture Library Index Volume1, Book Palace 2007

This is the result of some 20 years research by my esteemed colleague Mr. Steve Holland and myself into the history and creative personel of Fleetways various war themed Picture Libraries. Every issue ever published ( and there were 1000s of the blighters!) is listed here with full credits for writer artist and cover artist, along with 100s of cover reproductions. For years Steve and I compiled these lists with him concentrating on the writers while I identified the artists and we finally got there just in time for this book. Steve contributes the informative text.