David Roach

True Brit, Two Morrows 2004

A celebration of British comic artists edited by my good friend George Khoury which included biographies of, and interviews, the cream of British comics talent such as Frank Hampson, Brian Bolland, John M Burns, Dave Gibbons, Frank Bellamy and many more. Incredible that it took an American to put together a book about us Brits, but thank goodness he did!  I acted as assistant editor, all purpose advisor ( AKA know-it-all bighead) and contributor, writing the history of British comics section and an appreciation of Ron Embleton. Chock full of great artwork.

The Superhero Book, Visible Ink 2004

A big fat compendium of superhero facts which I was brought into to help shape and write. I was the principle writer but various other hands contributed to the project as well. As is often the case with these things the editor gets bigger billing than I do and my name disappears entirely from the 2012 re-issue. Hey, those are the breaks.

Slings and Arrows Comic Guide Second Edition, Slings and Arrows 2003

Follow up volume to the first Slings and Arrows book, reviewing a far wider selection of comics in the smallest typeface known to man! An added feature is a section where each contributor picks a favourite comic and apparently I chose Binky Brown Meets The Holy Virgin Mary by Justin Green. Mainstream as ever it seems! All my reviews from the first volume are here, along with lot’s more, particularly undergrounds and more obscure items. In retrospect the book is marred by a dearth of British comics and lack of credits for its writers, but it’s still a great achievement by editor Frank Plowright.

The Warren Companion, TwoMorrows 2001

Still a book of which I’m inordinately proud and one that I get asked about more than any other. Growing up as a young collector it always bothered me that there was so little information available about my beloved Warren comics, little did I know that I’d have to write in myself. To be precisely accurately this book started life as a special Warren issue of Comic Book artist magazine edited by my comic loving chum Jon  B Cooke and we then expanded it to make it into the Warren companion proper. Jon did all the art work, interviewing all kinds of Warren folk including James Warren himself and designed the whole thing cover to cover. I basically sat around getting all the glory writing the history of the company, a full checklist and all sorts of articles. A signed ( by Mr. Warren) hardback with extra stuff was also released which is even rarer than the regular book, which is rare enough in its own right these days. If you can find a hardback for under £150 consider yourself lucky.

The Slings And Arrows Comic Guide, Aurum Press 1997

An early attempt to review every American comic book ever published up to that point ( or at least those of the post-Marvel era) with a few British and European titles thrown in for good measure. Editor Frank Plowright brought together a group of noted fans to handle the writing chores and I was generally assigned the Horror titles, obscurities, small publishers and generally the stuff no one else wanted to  write about! Nearly 700 pages of reviews for the eager young collector and grizzled old-timer to ponder and argue about.